(1) Orders

  1. before ordering
  • Clarify from which funds it will be paid
  • for larger procurements (more than 2.500 Euro) the details about necessary tenders, contract awards, etc can be read here (an overview is given by this document)
  1. the invoice has arrived


  • Keep all the papers that are on or in the package and give them with the invoice to the secretary’s office.

If you should have larger expenditures for conference fees, flight, hotel, etc. before the journey, a deduction can be paid to you.

This is only possible up to a maximum of 14 days before the start of the trip.

The prerequisite is the presentation of a business trip permit with all documents (see 1.).

If you have already paid something directly, I need for the deduction:

  • Copy of the approval & the letter of compelling necessity
  • Invoices
  • Bank statement showing payment (feel free to black out other payments and account balance, but you need to see who owns the account).
  • Letter/mail with request for reimbursement of expenses for XXX in the amount of xx Euros to the account XY at the bank ABC (account details as on the bank statement) with the name and home address.


Then I can reimburse the amount in advance.

If the amounts are already fixed, but not yet paid (e.g. payment hotel, conference fee payment on site), list these in a letter with a request for the reimbursement of the expenses for XXX in the amount of xx Euro to the account XY at the bank ABC (account as on the bank statement) with an indication of the name and the private address.

In this case, I can refund 80% of the fees.

The original business trip authorization form has to be sent in with the reimbursement form after the trip.