Group Seminar

Winter Term 2023-2024

08.11.23, 10.00 Nina Hälterlein FAU Bachelor thesis: Open boundary variational quantum eigensolver for periodic boundary systems
15.11.23, 10.00 Marjan Macek FAU Variational Monte Carlo and Neural-Network Quantum States
6.12.23, 10.00 Daniel D. Scherer and Christian Ufrecht Fraunhofer IIS Daniel D. Scherer, “Machine Learning meets Quantum Computing – Quantum Computing Research of the Self-Learning Systems Group at Fraunhofer IIS” (ca. 10 min)


Christian Ufrecht, “Optimal joint cutting of non-Clifford two-qubit rotation gates” (ca. 45 min)

13.12.23, 10.00 Markus Hoffmann FAU Master thesis: Training hybrid quantum-classical neural networks for recognising topological quantum phases
20.12.23, 10.00 –– Group’s workshop day  —
10.01.2024, 10.00 Srijon Ghosh Harish-Chandra Research Institute,
Designing Quantum Refrigerators Beyond Convention
17.01.2024, 10.00 Andreas Görling FAU, Chair of Theoretical Chemistry Electronic structure methods based on the adiabatic-connection fluctuation-dissipation theorem within the Kohn-Sham formalism
31.01.2024, 10.00 Tobias Valentin Bauer TU Munich Algorithms for optimal Fermion-to-qubit
07.02.2024, 10.00 Abolfazl Bayat University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) Variational quantum algorithms for many-body simulation and machine learning problems
14.02.2024, 10.00 Caroline de Groot Pasqal Tensor networks, a tool in theoretical research and applications in quantum computing
28.02.2024, 10.00 Anton Frisk Kockum Chalmers University of Technology Generating families of three-qubit gates from simultaneous two-qubit gates
20.03.2024, 10.00 Michael J. Hartmann FAU Explanatory talk
24.04.2024, 10.00 TBA