Group Seminar

Winter Term 2021/20222

25.05.22, 10 am Samuel A. Wilkinson FAU (Internal) Evaluating the power and performance of quantum neural networks. (An in-depth project update.)
01.06.22, 10 am Giuseppe Carleo École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne T.B.A.
08.06.22, 10 am Soubhadra Maiti IISER Pune T.B.A.
14.06.22, 4 pm (note: this is the usual Journal Club slot) Johannes Fink IST Austria T.B.A.
22.06.22, 10 am Tobias Haug Imperial College, London T.B.A.
20.07.22, 10 am Oded Zilberberg Konstanz University T.B.A.