Hartmann Group

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Lukas Heunisch and Christopher Eichler and Michael J. Hartmann
Tunable coupler to fully decouple superconducting qubits
arxiv:2306.17007 (2023)
Refik Mansuroglu and Felix Fischer and Michael J. Hartmann
Problem specific classical optimization of Hamiltonian simulation
arxiv:2306.07208 (2023)
Nico Meyer and Daniel D. Scherer and Axel Plinge and Christopher Mutschler and Michael J. Hartmann
Quantum Natural Policy Gradients: Towards Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning
arxiv:2304.13571 (2023)
Timo Eckstein and Refik Mansuroglu and Piotr Czarnik and Jian-Xin Zhu and Michael J. Hartmann and Lukasz Cincio and Andrew T. Sornborger and Zoë Holmes
Large-scale simulations of Floquet physics on near-term quantum computers
arxiv:2303.02209 (2023)
Nico Meyer and Daniel D. Scherer and Axel Plinge and Christopher Mutschler and Michael J. Hartmann
Quantum Policy Gradient Algorithm with Optimized Action Decoding
arxiv:2212.06663 (2023)
Refik Mansuroglu and Timo Eckstein and Ludwig Nützel and Samuel A Wilkinson and Michael J Hartmann
Variational Hamiltonian simulation for translational invariant systems via classical pre-processing
Quantum Science and Technology 8 (2023)


Wilkinson, Samuel A and Hartmann, Michael J
Evaluating the performance of sigmoid quantum perceptrons in quantum neural networks
arxiv:2208.06198 (2022)
Verena Feulner and Michael J. Hartmann
Variational quantum eigensolver ansatz for the
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Physical Review B 106 (2022)
Marek Pechal and Federico Roy and Samuel A. Wilkinson and Gian Salis and Max Werninghaus and Michael J. Hartmann and Stefan Filipp
Direct implementation of a perceptron in superconducting circuit quantum hardware
Physical Review Research 4 (2022)
Aneirin J. Baker and Gerhard B. P. Huber and Niklas J. Glaser and Federico Roy and Ivan Tsitsilin and Stefan Filipp and Michael J. Hartmann
Single shot i-Toffoli gate in dispersively coupled superconducting qubits
Applied Physics Letters 120 (2022)
Johannes Herrmann and Sergi Masot Llima and Ants Remm and Petr Zapletal and Nathan A. McMahon and Colin Scarato and Fran{\c{c}}ois Swiadek and Christian Kraglund Andersen and Christoph Hellings and Sebastian Krinner and Nathan Lacroix and Stefania Lazar and Michael Kerschbaum and Dante Colao Zanuz and Graham J. Norris and Michael J. Hartmann and Andreas Wallraff and Christopher Eichler
Realizing quantum convolutional neural networks on a superconducting quantum processor to recognize quantum phases
Nature Communications 13 (2022)


Fischer, Michael and Chen, Qi-Ming and Besson, Christian and Eder, Peter and Goetz, Jan and Pogorzalek, Stefan and Renger, Michael and Xie, Edwar and Hartmann, Michael J. and Fedorov, Kirill G. and et al.
In situ-tunable nonlinearity and competing signal paths in coupled superconducting resonators
Physical Review B 103 (2021)


Wilkinson, Samuel A. and Hartmann, Michael J.
Superconducting quantum many-body circuits for quantum simulation and computing
Applied Physics Letters 116 (2020)
Duncan, Callum W. and Hartmann, Michael J. and Thomson, Robert R. and Öhberg, Patrik
Synthetic mean-field interactions in photonic lattices
The European Physical Journal D 74 (2020)


Arute, Frank and Arya, Kunal and Babbush, Ryan and Bacon, Dave and Bardin, Joseph C. and Barends, Rami and Biswas, Rupak and Boixo, Sergio and Brandao, Fernando G. S. L. and Buell, David A. et al.
Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor
Nature 574 (2019)
Hartmann, Michael J. and Carleo, Giuseppe
Neural-Network Approach to Dissipative Quantum Many-Body Dynamics
Physical Review Letters 122 (2019)
Sameti, Mahdi and Hartmann, Michael J.
Floquet engineering in superconducting circuits: From arbitrary spin-spin interactions to the Kitaev honeycomb model
Physical Review A 99 (2019)
Collodo, Michele C. and Potočnik, Anton and Gasparinetti, Simone and Besse, Jean-Claude and Pechal, Marek and Sameti, Mahdi and Hartmann, Michael J. and Wallraff, Andreas and Eichler, Christopher
Observation of the Crossover from Photon Ordering to Delocalization in Tunably Coupled Resonators
Physical Review Letters 122 (2019)