Petr Zapletal

Dr. Petr Zapletal, Ph.D.

Institute of Theoretical Physics
Chair of Theoretical Physics

Room: Room 01.588
Staudtstr. 7 B3
91058 Erlangen

After reading Physics at Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic, Petr Zapletal received his master’s degree from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and did his PhD in the group of Andreas Nunnenkamp at the University of Cambridge.

He is generally interested in the intersection of quantum optics, mesoscopic physics and condensed matter physics. Recently, he was focused on the interplay of dissipation and nonlinear dynamics in optomechanical and photonic systems, studying the dynamics of synthetic gauge fields for photons, lasing in topological photonic structures as well as the stabilization of non-Gaussian entangled quantum states in Kerr resonator arrays. He is currently investigating quantum many-body systems subject to dissipation, driven-dissipative superconducting quantum circuits and applications for noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers.

Publications on the arXiv and Google Scholar.